Update for May 2018

I had a plan to post something special for this month. Unfortunately, I’ve been inundated. I’m hoping to get something out soon. I will let everyone know when something is posted.


All the best,



Reading Alert: Writers & Words!

Tuesday, May 9th at 7PM, I will be reading at Charmington’s, which is located at 2601 N. Howard Street, for the wonderful reading series of Writers & Words. I’ll be joined by some other amazing people: a poet, a fiction writer, and a wildcard. I hope that you can join us!




PS Copies of my book will be available as well as copies of their special zines.


Are you going to the Baltimore Book Festival 2016? (Sept. 23rd-25th)

Good news!

Come back to this update to see any changes in my schedule.

I wasn’t originally expecting to be going, but it looks like I will be in this years book festival. Yay! I’m so excited.

It starts Friday the 23rd and ends that Sunday the 25th. I won’t be there the whole time. You can see me at booth/table Saturday and Sunday. The festival will be running from 11AM to 7PM. 

That said, I would love for you and anyone you know to come down, enjoy the festival, and come see me and my amazingly talented writer/artist friends, even if I’m not there. They really are some of the loveliest, most interesting people you’re likely to meet. Our books will all be on display. You can ask us questions about the process of book making or anything. You can even ask us about the weather. Well, you can ask me.

The Festival’s website: Bookfest


Check it out! See you there.


Hollaway cover only

Something is coming.

No, that’s not a euphemism. Well, maybe it is a little. This is really more of a teaser than anything. I have some plans to denounce the literary system and start something of my own. I’m done with school, I have a full time job, and I’m relatively content for now. So, I figured I’d give myself something else to do. I’m working hard and I hope that you will like it when it happens.


Keep your eyes peeled!


Love or something,



coming soon

Update for 10/1/2015

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I have done anything like an update.

Currently, I have nothing planned for the near future, but that doesn’t mean that something isn’t going to happen. There are potential readings in the works. So, keep checking this site for any updates there.

Also, I am open to any events, reading or otherwise, that anyone would like to suggest to me. The more the better!

Baltimore Bookfest

The Bookfest was fun. I was able to talk to some people who were passionate about books, writing, and/or reading. I will also say that it was an eventful learning experience. Mostly, I rediscovered how fortunate I am to have some wonderful and talented people in my life. I also am grateful that I was able to work with some of them at this event.

An Older Young Man

The book is still on sale! Get your copy today! It makes a great present for the holidays or for anyone who enjoys reading. Click on the image to purchase your copy now:

Hollaway cover only

Keep your eyes out for more updates to come!

As always, thank you all for your continued support.


Readings and Specials

I have TWO great things happening! 

1. I’m having a sale on my book! The price is now $10+S&H. Click on the image below to buy your copy today!

Hollaway cover only

2.Baltimore Book Festival, featuring yours truly and a slew of other amazing authors from the Baltimore area. If you come there on the 25th between 3PM and 7PM and the 27th between 11AM and 2PM, you are guaranteed to see me. If you come any other time, you’re guaranteed to see some of the most talented and wonderful people I know.
Baltimore Inner Harbor When: Sept 25-27, 2015; Fri – Sun: 11am – 7pm
Festival Website

New Update!

If you’re wondering what’s been going on, I’m here to update you. I went on a small vacation, but I am back now. I set up an Events page in the menu, which is that weird thing next to the website header that appears to be floating.

Here’s where you can find my events: https://nathanhollaway.com/events/

What’s happening so far is that 1. I am giving a reading on August 14th at Harbor Church located on Block Island, Rhode Island. There will also be a live musician plus free food and coffee. Food and drink will be served at 6:30PM, and the entertainment will begin at 7PM, and 2. I and some other amazing local authors will be manning a booth at the Baltimore Book Festival, Sept 25-27, 2015; Fri – Sun: 11am – 7pm, located in the Baltimore Inner Harbor.

I’m hoping to get more things in the works, and I would be beyond grateful to anyone who shows any interest in giving me reading gigs or any gigs, for that matter.

Also, be on the lookout for a special sale.

Thank you everyone,