Release Party and Order Now!

Come to the release of my new book, An Older Young Man. Many talented and wonderful writers will also be debuting as part of the graduating group of the University of Baltimore’s MFA in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts. We are having it in the Wright Theater located on the 5th floor of the Student Center (21 W. Mount Royal Ave) at 7PM. If you come you can receive a discounted copy of my book at $10. It’s free, and there will be free food and beverages provided. It’s a good time! I can’t wait to see you!

Release Reading/Party Facebook event: HERE!

ALSO, order my new book, An Older Young Man. Click on the cover to order:

Hollaway cover only

What is this book?

It’s a collection of memoirs/personal essays focusing on the more intense moments of my life, and seeing how those shaped me. This ranges from my first experiences with girls, to dangerous tumors, to mishaps in malls , and much, much more. Order now or get yourself a copy at the release!


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