A Time to Create

When I am writing this, it is 3AM.

I cannot sleep.

Despite my prescribed sleeping medication, not actually prescribed to help remedy a sleep issue, funny enough, I am awake. What makes this great is that the internet is currently down as well. It’s really the perfect combination.

Although, in a way, I’m grateful. I wouldn’t be writing right now if the scenario were different. I’d be watching a video on YouTube or Netflix. We all know that most of writing on a computer is comprised of a page here followed by 40 minutes of Internet access, rinse and repeat. Maybe looking up a recipe or googling symptoms to a disease that I swear I’ve just contracted within the time I was asleep. Because it’s probably not really insomnia if I was asleep moments ago, right?

The thing is I’m writing. I’m creating. Everyone has different cycles when it comes to their ability to create. You may have noticed that you perform better at certain points in the day. A lot of writers, for instance, are cursed with the inane ability to write proficiently around 3AM and not really any other time. And this can be a tricky thing to figure out unless you’re in my scenario or a similar one, because distractions lay everywhere in the Modern or Postmodern world, depending on who you ask.

I normally create during the day. I like the sun being out and birds flying overhead. I’ll even go to the park when I’m not at work, watch the birds hop along the sidewalk, heads tilted with goofy expressions. I’ll take out a notebook from my back pocket and a pen from my front one and write whatever comes to mind or what I need to. I’ll feel a breeze roll over me.

Do you know when and where the best time and place to create is for you? It can be a pivotal moment. If you figure it out, you can set a schedule to work specifically during that time and/or place. It can be unfortunate if you find it’s during late hours, but that can also give you a reason to work late shifts or stay up on weekends, if you weren’t already.

Most of us discover this by accident. Case in point. I had an inkling I might be good for writing in the early hours, but I wouldn’t have known without my brain keeping me up like it is now. Of course, I’m well content with my day writing. I’m less tired that way. I don’t want nor intend for this to become habitual. I say that if it works for your, fits into your routine, then go for it. Otherwise, do test other times of day and/or night. Despite what I just said about it usually being found by accident, you can still intentionally seek it out, I promise. It’s just a lot of guess and check type stuff. But you’ll never know unless you try. I highly encourage, if you want to create, you try.

I also hope that you never find yourself in this situation, but it happens.


All the best and lots of love,



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